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Sitecore vs. Other CMS

January 2019

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The ever-increasing connectivity of people and machines has changed market demands. And, in order to keep up, and at the same time stay competitive, businesses need to adjust to these demands by digitizing their processes and business models. And the content management systems (or digital experience platforms) today serves as the catalyst for a business’ complete digital transformation.

When it comes to choosing a CMS that helps create personalized digital experiences quickly, Sitecore is what most enterprise-level businesses prefer. After all, Sitecore has been recognized as the global leader in 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms, and has been among the leaders for the ninth year in a row.

Sitecore is a leading enterprise-level CMS built on ASP.NET used by organizations globally to create seamless and personalized digital experiences. What makes the Sitecore CMS unique is the ability it provides to web content editors and marketers to have complete control over all aspects of their website from social integration and blog posts to advanced personalization, e-commerce and more.

Further, Sitecore has its own reusable components repository which has modules contributed by developers and many of these modules are free along with paid ones. Built-in analytics: It comes with in-built analytics feature, empowering website owners to create personalized content unlike many popular CMSs such as Drupal.

Multi-lingual support: For business serving customers across multiple locations is important, however, it requires massive efforts. Also, displaying the content that speaks the language of customers is equally tough. With Sitecore, you can easily create any number of pages displaying content of multiple languages.

Complete solution to meet varied needs: Unlike other content management systems, Sitecore is a complete enterprise management system powered with in-built apps (such as MongoDB), DMS, commerce and digital marketing tools, etc. Thus, implementing this single system can help resolve multiple needs of your business.

Browser-compatible: Sitecore-powered website can run on any modern browser which is not the case with all popular contemporary CMSs.

Personalized Retail Experience: Unlike many other CMSs, Sitecore offers the capabilities of commerce, content, and experience – tied together in a single platform, and thereby helps you deliver personalized shopping experiences that delight the right customer with the right offer, which in turn helps boost profitability.

Conclusion: Do you wish to use the Sitecore CMS for your website development project? Don’t know where to begin? AKSCELLENCEINFO can provide you with consultation service using our knowledge and expertise of the Sitecore platform to advice on how you can use Sitecore to its fullest potential.

Author:Mr. Ashish sharma