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Generate More Revenue of Video content company with better Customer experience

January 2019

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Generate More Revenue of Video content company with better Customer experience Video content has become most popular means of consuming content in today’s highly digital world.
A company selling its content in Video format has advantage of using the most sought after format of content consumption but that doesn’t solve the challenge to increase
sale (subscription) of such video content. Let’s see how can we tackle this challenge.
This is typical challenge of such companies and it is partly solved by traditional
CMS(Content Management System) but most companies are ignorant about the fact that moving into traditional CMS/web CMS doesn’t necessarily result into commercial success or success at a rate
desired by the company.
Enagage your cutomer: (Customer Data/Analytics/Business Insight)
One needs to go beyond traditional CMS/WebCMS solutions and find a means to increase customer engagement using context driven content during active sessions
of customer,
enable more frequent regular engagement , offer what it needs more easily(customized Menu/Better Search) so that customer gets very relevant content and offers that it might be interested in.
Deliver value to convert into sales: (Context driven sales/up-selling /cross selling) Also one needs to use context driven commerce during customer engagement where we propose so relevant content to customers that they perceive real value in that and are happy to buy it.
Earn customer loyalty using Continuous but contextual engagement:
Thereafter one needs to keep this engagement on regular basis so that existing customer gets converted into loyal customer and comes back again and again for its need for video content.
How do you achieve this:
We need to have a system with CMS/ web CMS at core but goes beyond that and uses some means to capture customer experience data as centralized data from diverse channels(multiple websites/muletc.) ,
use analytics over this data to derive pattern about particular customer (and/orsimilar to this customer), use this pattern to offer very relevant content when such customer is looking for video content, and then automate this process of analytics ,
Insight, decision and customization so that in Real time a customer is offered the most relevant information customized as per its own preferences and earlier user experience.
Such customer experience on website/portal generates unique and very relevant experience for each customer , which leads to intense customer engagement and higher conversion to successful
transaction with the company and continue to be loyal customer is such engagement is continued driven by company at regular frequency.
Sitecore is one such leading suite of products which specializes in creating this digital transformation of such company by enabling better customer experience management and generate higher revenue by doing contextual selling, up selling and cross selling.

Author:Mr. Ashish sharma